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Is Your Child An Escape Artist? Tips For Stopping Them From Opening The Door

If you have a child that likes doing the disappearing act and getting out of your home through the door, you can make some changes to keep them inside when your back is turned. Follow the tips below, and your child will have to learn some other magic tricks, and they will be safe while doing it.


Your child cannot get through the door if it is difficult to unlock. The first thing you can do is to install a deadbolt that requires a key to open it, and keep the key out of reach to them.

When you go shopping for door bolts, you will see many different types. Talk with the salesperson to make sure you are getting the most secure one. Whatever you purchase, make sure it comes with a steel bolt that extends far into the door frame. This is added security for you, because a thief would have a harder time breaking down your door because your door frame would not break.

Door Alarm

You can also install a door alarm that will chime or make an alarm sound when the door is opened or closed. There are simple alarms you can purchase on your own that are generally easy to install by following the manufacturer's instructions. These door alarms have a control panel that is usually placed on a wall. This control panel allows you to turn the alarm on or off if you want, such as if you are in the room with your child.

Door Knob Cover

For another level of security, you can purchase a door knob safety cover to make it much harder for your child to open the door.

Once installed, when your child tries to open the door, the cover spins loosely around the knob. For you, there are grab buttons that you can squeeze to open the door. The covers are too large for your child to grab these buttons on their own, as they could not get their small hands over it enough. Most door knob covers have a cover that you can open and shut so you have access to the lock.

Top of the Door Locks

There are locks that you can purchase that are placed at the top of the door completely out of reach from your child. These locks are usually called slide locks, and can be purchased at any home improvement store. Even if your child is able to open the door by turning the door handle, the lock at the top would prevent the door from opening.

The best way to ensure your child does not get out is by having a home security system installed. This also provides protection for your family if someone tries to break into your home. Call a home security company in your area, who can go over with you the different types of systems they have. To learn more, contact a business like Tele-Plus.